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Ratings and Reviews - Patient Testimonials

Thanks Dr. BIt's because of Dr. Barker's care that I can enjoy the outdoors in Spring again. Prior to starting allergy treatment, I could hardly leave the house in March or April without sneezing incessantly and having a headache for the rest of the day. Dr. B took the time to understand my issue and develop a treatment plan that essentially healed me from my allergies. It took a few years, but I haven't needed an OTC allergy treatment in a long, long time. Thanks Dr. B for giving back to me two months per year of my life.MGH
Dr. Dan Spilman is knowledgeable, capable, listens well, and is willing to work with me to help me feel as well as I can. He has worked with me to find effective treatment for chronic infections and allergic rhinitis. My health has greatly improved from always being sick with a sinus infection to rarely having one, and from daily headaches to only a few headaches a year. Best ENT physician I have ever seen.Nancy Greenstreet
For me it has always been a matter of life and breath. I have been a Chronic Sinusitis patient for many years fighting numerous infections and being treated with antibiotics and Prednisone. Approximately 9-10 years ago I made an appointment with Dr. Spilman with the Santa Cruz Ear Nose and Throat Medical Group. He was the first doctor to culture my sinuses and discovered a bacteria "Pseudomonas". Pseudomonas is a bacteria notorious for it's resistance to most antibiotics. Dr. Spilman has been diligent, persistent, and tenacious in fighting this bacteria. He has developed a treatment that I get every 6 weeks. This bacteria has been maintained and I am now free and clear of Pseudomonas. Dr Spilman has given me a life that I can now, once again, breathe and enjoy. Thank you Dr Spilman for caring and all of your determination and tenacity in helping me and never giving up. You are truly my hero.Barbara Lavorato
Been to Dr Spillman for what 14 years now or so. Never had a issue, great guy great company. Good book keeping, nice front office staff, and easy to get allergy shots. Dr. Spillman has it all. Ohh yeah also a good surgeon.Rex Scates
I have been to see Dr. Spilman and Dr. Seftel on numerous occasions for perennial allergies and seasonal sinusitis. During one visit, Dr. Spilman suggested that I consider having my nasal septum corrected as well as a resect of an inferior turbinate to aid in proper breathing as well as improved distribution of my prescription nasal spray.Surgery was scheduled, performed by Dr. Spilman and a quick recovery ensued. The surgery was an amazing success. I now breathe freely through both nostrils for the first time ever. No more chronic plugged nose. No more feeling like I need an OTC nasal spray to function daily.I cannot express enough my overall satisfaction with the staff, doctors, surgery center as well as the follow up care by Santa Cruz ENT.Things have gone so well, I am considering after the first of the year a gift to my lift of 31 years, having Dr. Spilman repair my chronic snoring.Raymond F. Scargill
I am done with my cancer treatments. Dr Barker, you and your staff have been key in my cure. Thank you for helping to save my life. You do good work!Jason Christie
Dr. Barker, thank you so much for performing my thyroidectomy and making me feel so at ease. I had considerable anxiety prior to surgery as this was my first time "going under the knife." I'm healing very quickly and I am so happy to be able to move forward. Unbeknownst to you both, thanks to your care you helped me in my process of being more trusting. It sounds funny, I know, but I mean it. Thanks for your several gifts!Sheila Chaliberg