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Neck & Throat

It’s hard to imagine life without your voice. We understand the frustration you may be going through which is why we’re here to help. This page for common and severe throat illnesses was created to serve as a lifeline all our patients have full and open access to. Something as simple as a sore throat caused by a viral infection can force you to miss school or work. Reflux can completely ruin your favorite meal causing burning in your chest and throat. Vocal problems can crush a performance for anyone in the performing arts. We want to see you thrive in your personal and professional life which is why in connection with this online resource, our staff is here to find the best solution to solve your illness using the latest and best practices in the industry.

The research at the government-funded National Institutes of Health and other public-private and university programs is constantly yielding new insight into these age-old problems. New technology and tools are also always in development. Our commitment to you is to keep you in-the-know about the latest developments in all of the nose- and mouth-related health areas.

Once you feel you’ve learned what you can here, our specialists would love to meet with you and listen to your unique symptoms.

Our Neck and Throat Healthcare Services Include:

Tonsils and Adenoids Sleeping Conditions

Because your tonsils and adenoids are such vital parts of your immune system, our experts are versed in treating many of the common issues and ailments of this delicate system.

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Sleeping Conditions

A night of good sleep over the long term can make the difference between a happy and miserable life. Our professionals are experienced in throat health and sleep issues and are ready to help you get a better night’s rest!

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Neck and Throat Conditions

We understand the significance of persistent neck and throat problems compared to a typical virus, which is why we’re here to help you with any conditions you might be experiencing.

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About Voice

We understand the importance of your voice health and day-to-day functions. We have a staff of professionals ready to assist you with any issues you might be having.

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Voice Disorders

Because we understand how instrumental voice health is to your overall well-being, our professionals are prepared to help you with any throat issues or ailments you might be experiencing.

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Pediatric Neck and Throat Health

Neck and throat health are incredibly important to our body’s overall health. That’s why our professionals are available to assist your child with any painful or persistent neck and throat issues they may be experiencing.

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