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Why You Should Trust an Audiologist with Hearing Care

Hearing Doctor

If you have a problem with your hearing or balance, then you may be wondering which medical professional you should see. Audiologists, primary care physicians and ENT doctors may all come to mind. However, while all three of these doctors may be useful, there are certain situations where you would be better off seeing each one of these three doctors. Here is a closer look at what each three of these medical professionals do to help you figure out which one that you should see.

Primary care physician

A primary care physician is a doctor who is often the first line of defense against undiagnosed health problems. They treat a wide range of disorders and are not specialists in any one area. They are generalists. For this reason, they often recommend other doctors for you to see after you visit with them. You should see your primary care physician for basic ear problems, such as minor ear infections. However, they may refer you to an audiologist after you see them for more in-depth or follow-up care.

ENT doctors

ENT doctors specialize in the ear, nose and throat. Generally, if you have hearing loss and the recommended treatment is surgery, an ENT will be the professional you visit. Additionally, the ENT can help with nose and throat problems impacting the sinus and other areas. ENT doctors also treat health issues involving your nose or throat. If you’re experiencing general hearing loss, it’s a better idea to visit an audiologist to receive treatment.


Audiologists specialize in treating hearing loss, tinnitus and balance disorders. So, if you have hearing loss, need hearing aids, have vertigo, have tinnitus or have other similar hearing and balance disorders, you should most likely see an audiologist. If you are unsure whether you should see an audiologist or an ENT doctor, you can visit your primary care physician and get a recommendation. Your PCP will be able to recommend the right healthcare provider based on the symptoms that you are presenting with. All three of these medical professionals can be extremely helpful when dealing with hearing loss.

The first step to getting the treatment you need is to schedule an appointment with a professional in your area. For an all-around expert in general hearing loss, tinnitus and balance disorders, find a qualified audiologist in your city.