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Why are Hearing Aid Fittings Essential?

a professional hearing aid fitting in progress

Acquiring a hearing aid is easier than ever with the help of online shopping. However, when you choose a hearing aid for the first time, it’s wise to make sure that your audiologist is there to help you with a fitting. Here are some of the reasons that hearing aid fittings are an essential part of your process in using any new hearing aid.

Getting that Comfortable Fit

The process is called a hearing aid fitting, so it should be no major surprise that making sure the device actually fits and is comfortable is important. If your device doesn’t fit in your ear well, it may be uncomfortable, irritating and might not stay in for long. For many devices, audiologists will even help you make custom molds of your ear to ensure that the device stays put and operated effectively, helping it stay in your ear much more reliably and without issue.

Getting it Programmed to Your Needs

When you work with an audiologist, they will provide a hearing test to ensure that you understand your range of hearing, which can also allow them to make sure that the device is better programmed to meet your needs. Aside from using your audiogram, the audiologist will learn more about your home, work-life and hobbies to make sure the device is programmed to help improve your quality of life in all of these environments. As such, an audiologist helps make sure that your device is programmed to work effectively and may even set up multiple profiles to help you better adjust to different environments you spend time in.

Learning How to Use It

Rather than having to puzzle over how your hearing aid works alone, your audiologist can teach you everything that you need to know about it during the fitting. Your audiologist can teach you about the different settings you can adjust on it manually, connecting it with your smartphone, programming it when necessary and even simple things like how to take out and change the batteries. Your audiologist can also offer important information on how to clean and maintain your hearing aid so that you can keep it working effectively for as long as possible.

Getting Used to The Hearing Aid

While hearing aids can offer a great change to your quality of life, they can take some time to get used to. Trying to wear them all throughout the day initially can be more of a jarring change than you would expect. As such, your audiologist can help you get acclimated to your hearing aids by recommending how long you should wear it for each day, increasing the time gradually until you are able to wear it comfortably and without issue for the entire day, except when in the bathroom or in bed.

While you may be able to acquire hearing aids easier than ever, that doesn’t mean you should leave the audiologist out of the picture. They will be able to make sure that the device is right for you and, if it isn’t, help you make any adjustments necessary.