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When To See an Audiologist

When To See an Audiologist

Not being able to hear to your full potential is definitely a frightening and frustrating event. Most hearing loss occurs with age very gradually and subtly. But when does hearing loss result in a need to see an audiologist? We’re here to answer these common questions.

What is an audiologist?

An audiologist is a professional with an advanced degree in audiology. Their main goal is to test your hearing and identify how to minimize future hearing problems, while treating your hearing loss. The most common form of treatment for hearing loss includes hearing aids and assistive listening devices. Audiologists can also treat balance disorders and tinnitus, depending on their area of focus.

Signs you have hearing loss

There are many signs that your hearing ability may be decreasing. If you’re having trouble hearing people over the telephone, are constantly asking people to repeat themselves or believe that everyone is mumbling, this may be a sign that you should visit an audiologist. Other signs include: missing the doorbell, not hearing your cell phone or having trouble locating where a sound is coming from.

What else contributes to hearing loss?

Ear health is extremely important. Having too much earwax that it’s causing hearing problems or having your family members constantly remarking that you need hearing aids, can be enough reason to want to seek out an audiologist. If your doctor comments on the amount of earwax in your ear during a routine checkup, you may want to visit an audiologist.

Additionally, noise can have a negative impact on your hearing. Whether you’re exposed to short bursts of incredibly loud noises or have lingering exposure to semi-loud sounds, these environments can be damaging to your ability to hear. If your job or hobbies expose you to loud noise, it might be a good idea to see an audiologist to not only have your hearing tested, but to learn tips and tricks on protecting it.

Hearing aids from a professional

In the event you do need hearing aids, the audiologist is the right professional to recommend, fit and program your devices. Hearing aids are sometimes available online for cheaper, but they don’t perform as well and generally end up in a drawer never being worn. When you purchase hearing aids from an audiologist, you can rest assured that your devices will be tailored to your specific hearing needs, rather than generic settings that won’t capture sound like it should.

Experiencing hearing loss of any kind is definitely a frightening experience. It’s important that you get the help that’s necessary. The sooner you see an audiologist, the sooner you’ll be back to hearing like normal again.