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When Should You See an ENT Doctor for Throat Health Problems?

an ENT doctor is examining his patient's throat area

Your throat is one area of the body you may not pay enough attention to until a problem pops up. When you are dealing with issues in the throat, you’ll likely power on through and deal with saltwater rinses and crushed ice pops for comfort. The thing is, there will be a time where this is not enough, and you need to see a specialist to check your throat health is where it should be. The ENT doctor that you will see will be able to diagnose the issue and give you the right treatment. The problem is knowing when to go and see one. 

What does an ENT doctor do?

After medical school, training and board certification, an ENT specialist is an expert in issues of the ear, nose and throat. They often choose to go into one specific specialty within this spectrum, and when it comes to your throat health, you want to see the right ENT doctor who deals with the throat specifically. 

Conditions of the throat can affect speech, eating, swallowing, singing and even digestion. With the help of the right ENT doctor, you can ensure that you get the right diagnosis. You need to be able to feel confident that your ENT doctor can diagnose, manage and treat the throat health issues that you are having.

When might I consider consulting an ENT?

A sore throat is a sore throat until you can’t swallow even the smallest drops of water without pain. The ENT that you see can be the appropriate person to discuss disorders of the throat, including:

  • Infections
  • Growths
  • Hoarseness
  • Tonsil & Adenoid Disease

Chronic throat conditions should always be looked at by a specialist. They play a critical role in being able to get you back to your full throat health. An ENT doctor has the in-depth knowledge and experience that you need to get that diagnosis in place. As they are fully trained on throat health issues, an ENT can treat advanced conditions of the throat and neck with ease, so you can feel secure that you have come to the right person for the pain you are in. 

What will the ENT do?

When you speak to an ENT doctor about the issues that you are having with your throat, you should be prepared for an exam. They’ll use instruments to look into your throat and mouth to see where the inflammation and swelling is located. Your ENT doctor will ask you a list of questions to determine the symptoms you are feeling in your throat, how it’s affecting you and how long the issue has gone on for. Following this exam, your ENT may prescribe medication to help you through your recovery. 

If necessary, they may book you in for further testing and scans. An ENT doctor is very thorough when it comes to your throat health issues, and they will not let you down when it comes to helping you with your diagnosis and recovery.