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When Should You See an Allergy Specialist?

ENT Specialist

When the body’s immune system has an abnormal reaction to normal things, then allergies may play a role. Many of these normal things are harmless to most people, yet cause allergy sufferers immense discomfort. Allergens are everywhere, so dealing with allergies related to sinuses is slightly more complicated. Instead of depending on a confused body to fight the war, patients should find out the causes of their allergies. Ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctors specialize in sinus allergies by finding their causes and suggesting a treatment plan.

What are the most common sinus allergy symptoms?

As the body goes into overdrive to attack the ‘invaders,’ it reacts the same way as if there was an actual threat. It’s like getting a fever while having the flu- that is the body’s natural reaction to fighting the illness. Allergy conditions that fall in the sinus category come with a number of uncomfortable symptoms. 

  • Inflammation of the air cavities is called sinusitis. It causes trouble breathing but can also be mistaken as a stuffy nose
  • Headache with a possible fever
  • Pressure and pounding in the ears, sinuses and teeth
  • Nasal drainage that is yellow or another color
  • Sore throat with cough
  • Itchy eyes/nose/throat with sneezing

Some of these symptoms can be prevented by doing small things like washing hands with antibacterial soap, keeping the sinuses moist and staying away from cigarette smoke. Patients that know which allergens cause problems can also steer clear of areas where they are most prevalent. 

Treatment options

An over-the-counter nasal decongestant spray is a good start to undo the worst parts of a sinus infection but should not be used for more than three days. This is still a temporary solution to a very serious problem, one that will keep returning whenever the allergen is introduced. Seasonal allergy sufferers have it bad, with asthma and other illnesses at their worst when pollen is in the air. Getting a much more effective medication is the preferred method of treatment. ENT doctors often recommend the more effective steroid nasal sprays. Unlike decongestants, their effectiveness won’t wear off from prolonged use. 

Allergies that are more serious may develop into bacterial sinus infections and will need the toughness of antibiotics to control the problem. Allergy problems may improve briefly with regular treatment, but a long term treatment plan is necessary for chronic allergy symptoms.. ENT specialists from Santa Cruz E.N.T. can enact long-term treatment options when necessary and offer allergy testing and treatment including allergy injections and drops under the tongue.. After receiving care, patients will have a positive outlook on their condition.