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What Treatments are Available for Vertigo?

woman with vertigo

Vertigo is a term that is used to describe the sensation of feeling like you are spinning. There are a number of different symptoms that can happen when you feel this way, and there are several different reasons why you may experience vertigo. This includes issues with your sensory nerve pathway, brain, and inner ear. In this blog post, we are going to provide some insight into the different treatments that are available for vertigo.

There are several different remedies that can be utilized in order to treat vertigo. It is recommended you see an ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctor who is going to be able to get to the bottom of the symptoms you are experiencing and provide you with the best treatment solutions.

Testing options

Your ENT specialist will perform a thorough evaluation of your health when assessing your condition. This may involve providing a medical background, as well as a physical examination of the ears, nose and throat. To properly diagnose vertigo, your ENT doctor may perform a battery of tests, including: eye movement testing, head movement testing, posturography or rotary chair testing.

Epley maneuver

The Epley maneuver is one of the most common treatments provided by an ENT. Many ENT doctors recommend this first for patients experiencing vertigo. This simply means that there are a few exercises you will perform before you go to bed in the evening to try and get rid of the symptoms you are experiencing. This approach is proven to be effective, boasting a success rate a little over 50%.


If your vertigo is caused by fluid in your ear, the ENT doctor may recommend mediation or steroids as a treatment option. These medications can help to reduce the fluid in your ear, alleviate the pressure that causes vertigo and restore balance.

Home remedies

While there are several DIY and home remedies available to treat vertigo – ranging from ear-cleaning kits to teas and herbs – these should be avoided for safety reasons. Many of these treatments do not actually have scientific backing and could cause more harm than good. When experiencing vertigo symptoms, always consult your ENT doctor for the right course of treatment.

These are just a few of the different treatments you can try to lower the symptoms associated with vertigo. Your ENT doctor will work with you during your appointment to ensure you find the relief you need from this dizziness.