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What to Expect During Your Hearing Tests

Ear Exam

Many people are apprehensive about going for a hearing test because they have never before experienced one. Hearing tests are painless, and they are noninvasive meaning that there really is no reason why having one would be uncomfortable. As well as this, a lot of people don’t know what to expect during a hearing test, and people fear the unknown. So, we’ve come up with a few things that you should expect during your hearing tests.

Series of mini tests

An audiologist will perform a series of mini-tests to determine your level of hearing. These are often short and always painless, so you will not experience any pain during any of your tests. These hearing tests help the audiologist to understand what condition your hearing health is in. Not only does it determine if you have any hearing loss, but these tests will also help understand the extent of the hearing loss. Meaning they will show whether it is mild or severe and help the audiologist understand the best way to help you.

Don’t be worried about these tests; they’re non-invasive and easy to complete. During these tests, you will be asked to indicate when you can hear different tones, pitches and frequencies, as well as speech recognition.

Discussing the results

Your audiologist will sit down with you and discuss the results of the tests they conducted. If you don’t understand something that your audiologist has said, you should not be afraid to ask them to explain it again. They are here to help assist you, and if you don’t understand the problem, you will find it more difficult to help yourself fix it.

Advice on what’s next

From there, you will be given advice depending on what the results of your tests are. It might be the case that there is nothing to be done and you should come back in three to five years to get checked out again. However, if there is an issue of any kind, your audiologist will be able to help you with what the next steps are that you need to take. It might be that you need hearing aids, or you might just need to stay away from loud noises for a while. Whatever it may be, they will be able to tell you what it is that will be best in your unique situation.

We hope that you find this article useful and have a better understanding of what you should expect during your hearing test. As you can see, there is nothing here to be apprehensive about so you should book your hearing test as soon as you can.