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What to Expect at Your Hearing Test

Ear Examination

Hearing tests are an important tool for monitoring hearing health and assessing whether or not a person has hearing loss. However, if you have never gotten a hearing test before, then you may not know exactly where to go to get one or what to expect. Here are three things to know about what to expect when you have your hearing tested.  

1. Your hearing care professional will take background information

There are a number of different things that can cause or contribute to hearing loss, so your audiologist will probably ask several questions and gather some important medical background information. They will usually ask about any family members with hearing loss, any head or neck trauma, in addition to any medication you might be on. Your audiologist will also want you to know what current symptoms you’re experiencing and if any friends or family members have noticed anything different about your hearing.

2. The hearing test and examination

After gathering your medical history and other pertinent information, your audiologist will perform a physical examination of your ear. They will check for any earwax impactions, abnormalities or anything else concerning. Once this is completed, they will perform a battery of different tests. There are a variety of methods used to test hearing and your hearing specialist will go over the different ones they will be utilizing. After the audiologist finishes the testing process, your results will be charted on an audiogram and they will go over them with you.

3. Hearing loss treatment

If the hearing tests detect you do have a hearing loss, your hearing care professional will present you with a treatment recommendation. Most commonly, hearing aids will be your best option. Hearing aids come in a multitude of shapes, styles and sizes, and can be equipped with different features to address your specific needs. The hearing specialist will walk you through the best options for you and allow you to ask any questions regarding your treatment plan or the hearing aids. After you select the right devices, they will be ordered and you will have a hearing aid fitting to have them tailored specifically to you.

Seeking treatment for hearing loss doesn’t have to be confusing or scary. Schedule an appointment with an audiologist in your area and take control of your auditory health today!