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What Sinus Treatments Does an ENT Doctor Offer?

man pointing to his sinus area

Ear, nose and throat doctors offer everything to do with these three body parts - and more! They are called ENT doctors and are also known as otolaryngologists. It's one of the oldest medical specialties in the country, and it all started off when doctors in the 1800s noticed that the ear, nose and throat were all connected. Earaches and infections can cause issues with the sinuses, and sinus infections often popped up as a result of throat pain.


These links have led to the birth of specialist ear, nose and throat doctors, and they deal with everything to do with the head, ears and neck across a range of ages. From cancers of the throat, head and neck to removal of tonsils and adenoids, an ENT doctor is qualified to provide reconstructive surgery to the head and neck, and they are also qualified to deliver the right care to your sinuses.

What sinus treatments does an ENT doctor offer?

ENT doctors are qualified to treat sinus issues and they are one of the main areas of focus for ENTs. The nose and sinuses can cause trouble for the body, especially if you are also dealing with allergies. You need to do what you can to keep your body healthy, and that often involves comprehensive investigation and treatment of the sinuses so that you feel pain-free and comfortable. ENT doctors are able to offer a range of treatments for sinus issues, and some of these include:

  • Chronic sinusitis. If you are handling the pain of chronic sinusitis, you may find that your ENT doctor offers you the chance to have a balloon sinuplasty. This balloon treatment is a minimally invasive procedure that doesn't take long at all, with barely any recovery time. A small balloon is inflated inside the sinus passages to expand them, clear them out and encourage healthy drainage. Chronic sinusitis is painful, and this short procedure can make a big difference to the way in which you are feeling.
  • Chronic rhinitis. Rhinitis is an irritating condition that makes you feel uncomfortable and self conscious. With the help of your ENT doctor and ClariFix treatment, they will inhibit the posterior nasal nerve. It's a revolutionary treatment that will slow down the process of making mucous to normal levels and will offer you the relief you're desperate for.
  • Turbinate reduction. ENT doctors are able to offer turbinate reduction procedures. The turbinates are bone shelves in the nose that clear the air as it travels through it. These can become irritated and enlarged, and a simple procedure can reduce the size of the turbinates, giving you the chance to breathe easier and more comfortably.
  • Surgery. ENT doctors can offer surgery for chronic sinusitis and deviated septums, as well as surgery to remove any growths or nodules in the nose. They can also include endoscopic surgeries in this with other types of sinus conditions that require surgery.
  • Allergy help and testing. The first step is to understand the allergies irritating your sinuses and your ENT can help!