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What Does a Pediatric ENT Doctor Do?

a pediatric ear doctor examining a child's ear

When you have children with ear, nose and throat issues, the best thing that you can do is look for a pediatric ENT doctor to help. Issues with tonsils and adenoids are very common in young children, and it's these types of issues that a pediatric ENT doctor can assist you with. Of course, these are not the only two issues that children may experience as they grow, but with the best pediatric ENT doctor on hand, you can keep your children as healthy as possible.

Understanding how a pediatric ENT doctor can help your children is important, so we've put together some ways that your pediatric ENT doctor can assist your family.

Ear issues & children

Ear infections are very common in young children. Children experience inflammation of the ear, too, and as their ears are still developing, they're likely to clog their ears more frequently than an adult. Fluid backup is a real risk, too, and a pediatric ENT doctor can find out why these issues are occurring and fix it.

Sinus issues and children

Children are walking germ factories when they're little, and this is evident in that they pick up every single bug going at school and playgroups. The chronic runny nose that you put down to being with other children could be more than just a runny nose, and a pediatric ENT doctor can help you to figure it out. As the ear, nose and throat are all connected, they work together to lead to further health issues. If your child has a blocked nose that won't go away, a pressure feeling across their face or they are dealing with pressure around the eyes, you could be looking at a sinus issue.

Throat issues and children

We've mentioned tonsillitis in children, but have you considered how your pediatric ENT can help? They are specialists in all things ear, nose and throat and are qualified to perform tonsillectomies to ensure that children are comfortable and no longer dealing with recurrent throat infections.

If your child has a sore throat more than five times in a year, your pediatric ENT doctor may recommend that they have their tonsils and adenoids removed. Some children have oversized tonsils and this can be uncomfortable. When they are inflamed, tonsil abscesses and sleep apnea can be the result.

Pediatric ENT doctor care

The best pediatric ENT doctors are those who can empathize with and understand children who need more than just someone to keep an eye on their care. Pediatric ENT doctors can help to solve the problems that your children are dealing with and they can also help you to get the clearest picture of your child's ear, nose and throat health.

If your child is currently handling recurrent infections, the best thing to do is to contact a pediatric ENT doctor and ask them for their comfort and advice. Choose wisely and do your research! You only want the best for your children before, during and after care.