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What Conditions do Pediatric ENT Doctors Treat?

a pedatric ENT doctor performing an ear checkup

So, you have a child that is experiencing some irritation in his or her, ear, throat or nose? Parents worry all the time about what will happen if they take them to a pediatric ENT doctor. This is normal but we’re here to tell you that, you have nothing to worry about. Most people think that their child will experience more irritation if they went to a pediatric ENT doctor, but this is simply untrue. We have both invasive and non-invasive methods of treatment, though we always aim for the latter no matter what. We’ll make sure that your child is safe and comfortable as we treat them.

Otitis media

This is a middle ear infection, which can be caused by foreign objects inside the ear or perhaps bacteria virus, which has caused inflammation. Our team of specialists will speak with you about what the cause of the irritation is. We’ll then list all the treatment options you have. We’ll give you all the details you need and extra reading and research you can do at home. If the obstruction is so severe that it could cause hearing loss, then we would recommend that surgery be one of our main options. We will act as quickly as we can to make sure that there’s no lasting damage to your child and they retain as much of their hearing ability as possible. A Pediatric ENT doctor is also trained in calming children and making them feel at ease. The last thing we want is for your child to be anxious while in our hands.

Sleep apnea

If your child experiences sleep apnea, this could be very detrimental to their mental growth. Sometimes in sleep apnea, breathing stops altogether. This can result in strokes and heart attacks among other things. The brain is starved of oxygen and this can mean permanent damage. A pediatric ENT doctor from our team will study how your child sleeps. With your consent, we ask you to record a full night of sleep so we can see what kind of patterns and issues your child may be experiencing. Then we will offer you unique solutions that are non-invasive. This could be preventative objects which the child can grasp in their mouth as they sleep. However, we also do tonsillectomies which remove the tonsils of your child. 

Airway concerns

Is your child finding it difficult to breathe normally? Stridor is a respiratory noise which is made right at the upper end of the airway. It's an unusual noise and it can sound like a cross between wheezing and rasping. This is a symptom that your infant’s airway is blocked. It could be mucus, it could be a foreign body, or things like neck cysts, infections in the throat or vocal cord paralysis. We’ll get to the bottom of the cause and make sure that your child is able to take deep breaths without losing airway pressure.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions. We know that parents might feel anxious for the health and safety of their child but a pediatric ENT doctor from our team is someone who you can trust wholeheartedly.