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Top Tips for Recovering from Tonsil Surgery

Tonsil Surgery Recovery

If you’re having persistent problems with your tonsils, then it’s possible that your ENT doctor will advise that you have a tonsillectomy. This procedure is performed while you are asleep and can be performed through various methods, the most common method being removing the tonsils with a scalpel. While you’ll feel nothing during the procedure it’s common to feel some discomfort in the days following the surgery. 

There are a few things you can do to help accelerate the recovery process, which we’ll outline in this blog. Within a couple of weeks, you’ll be back to your best. 

Get plenty of rest

In the days following your tonsil surgery, it’s important that you take it easy. The surgery is straightforward, but as with all surgical interventions, your body is going to need some time to get back its best. Fortunately, this is one of the easiest things that you can since it basically involves getting rest at home. 

You’ll want to let work know that you won’t be available, make sure any other responsibilities are handled and avoid doing anything too strenuous. You can go for a light walk to move a little and get some fresh air, but that should be about it. 

Take pain medication

It’s unlikely that the pain you experience will be too severe, but even if you’re feeling a little bit of pain, it’s not something that you have to live with. Over the counter pain medication will help to keep any discomfort you’re feeling to a minimum. Since there could be some swelling in the mouth, it’s a good idea to take anti-inflammation medication. Even if you’re not feeling too much pain, it can be beneficial to stick to a medication schedule so that no pain has the chance to rise.

Easy to eat food

Since your surgery has been in your mouth, it’s possible that you may have some difficulties in swallowing for a short period of time. In a day or two after the surgery, it’s fine to stick to fluids, such as water and soup. Once you’re feeling up to it, you can transition to more substantial foods, though you’ll want to ensure that they’re soft foods. From there, you’ll transition to harder foods. 

Stay entertained

One of the reasons why people end up cutting their recovery from tonsil surgery short is because they get bored, and try to return to normal life quicker than they should. You can remove the temptation to resume your regular life by loading up on things to keep your mind occupied during your recovery. There are plenty of excellent tv shows and movies that you can watch and books to read, too.