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Top Styles of Hearing Devices to Consider

Sets of premium hearing aid brands

Hearing loss is affecting your life, and your audiologist suggested a hearing device to make life better for you. But with all the choices of styles available, how will you decide? Top styles are always a good indication because if thousands of other people like you use them, why not you?

In the ear (ITE)

ITE hearing aids are usually custom-fit hearing aids worn in the ear. They are based on an impression or cast of your ear. They are camouflaged to blend with the outer ear as they are available in different skin tones. The ITE hearing aids fit either closer to the outer ear or very deeply within the ear canal.

Completely in canal (CIC)

The first of the smallest custom styles is the CIC device. Its nearly invisible quality gives it a cosmetic appeal as it sits entirely within the ear canal. If you have mild to moderate hearing loss, then the CIC instruments will work great for you. 

Invisible in canal (IIC)

The second of the smallest custom styles is the Invincible in the canal or IIC. It's practically invincible as it sits in or past the second bend in the ear canal. If you have mild to moderate hearing loss, then the IIC instruments are one to consider. 

In the canal (ITC)

The In the canal hearing aids are comfortable and easy to use. These instruments sit in the lower portion of the outer ear bowl. They have longer battery life and are slightly larger than the CIC and IIC models. Other features include controls like volume controls and directional microphones. If you have mild to moderate hearing loss, then the ITC instruments will benefit you. 

In the ear (ITE)

In the ear or full-shell, hearing aids have the maximum number of features. These features include directional microphones. This feature and larger battery size are possible because the ITE hearing aid sits snugly within the outer ear bowl. As the ITE has such a large battery, it can fit a larger receiver with enough power. If you have mild to severe hearing loss, the ITE is the way to go. 

Behind the ear (BTE)

BTE hearing aids sit on top or behind the outer ear. It has tubing that routes the sound down into the ear, which connects to an earmold or ear tip, securing them in the ear canal. You can customize the color of your BTE module to either blend in with your skin, hair, or your own personal style by going a bit outside the norm by wearing them in chrome colors or other unique designs. These unique designs are one of the factors you might consider when you decide on which BTE hearing aid you want. Of course, if you show your individuality, you will instead take a larger size. Still, if discretion is critical, then the smaller size and more neutral color pallet will appeal to you. The BTE also has different sizes available with varying sizes of battery and power as well as controls.