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Top Benefits of BTE Hearing Aids

a blue hearing aid held in a hand

Should you have hearing loss, your audiologist will discuss the types of hearing aids that are right for your particular needs. There are several to choose from, including those that are small and fit snuggly inside your ear (ITE and ITC) and those that are larger and fit behind your ear (BTE). 

But which type of hearing aid is right for you? Each have their own benefits, but in this article, we'll look at the top benefits of BTE hearing aids. 

The benefits of BTE hearing aids

A BTE hearing aid hooks over and rests behind the ear, and it connects, via a tube, to the custom earmold that is fitted inside the ear canal. It is larger than certain other types of hearing aid, but this does have its advantages.

An increased battery life

BTE devices are larger than other types of hearing aid, so they have more battery life. This is because there is room for bigger batteries. For the user, this means less need to change their hearing aid batteries on a regular basis, so in this regard, a BTE hearing aid offers more convenience. And with bigger batteries comes more power, meaning better sound amplification. This is especially useful for those users with severe hearing loss as the increased amplification can make picking up higher frequencies easier. 

Simple to clean and maintain

Smaller hearing aids do have their advantages, but they can sometimes be fiddly to use. This isn't the case with BTE hearing aids, as users will have no trouble cleaning around all the nooks and crannies and removing the various components. Thanks to the device's large size, replacing batteries isn't an issue, and neither is opening the battery compartment itself. And because the device fits over the ear, a buildup of wax on the hearing aid isn't an issue, which is another reason why it's simple to keep clean.

Comfortable to wear

BTE hearing aids are bigger than other hearing devices, but this doesn't mean they are cumbersome to wear. Technology has moved on, and these days, they are built to be nice and compact, fitting snugly over the ear. For many people, they are preferable to hearing aids that fit inside the ear canal as they don't feel as intrusive. 

Space for additional features

Thanks to the relatively large size of the BTE hearing aid over smaller devices, there is room for additional features. These include telecoils, directional microphones, Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeable features, multi-settings, and more. Access to each control is also easy, so users will be able to change their device's settings with ease. For those users who struggle to manipulate smaller objects, a BTE hearing aid is especially useful.

Speak to an audiologist

BTE hearing aids are suitable for most people as they are designed to accommodate various degrees of hearing loss. To learn more about the benefits and to compare them to the other types of hearing aids that are available, speak to an audiologist for professional advice and guidance.