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Top 5 Hearing Aid Questions

Top 5 Hearing Aid Questions

You notice that you’re saying, “What?” more often and things just don’t sound the same. Your spouse complains that the TV is too loud. It’s probably time to see an audiologist for a hearing test appointment. After the examination of your ears and your medical history, you will have several hearing tests. The results determine if you need hearing aids. These are the top five questions about hearing aids.

Will hearing aids really improve my hearing?

The answer is a definitive yes. If you are diagnosed with a hearing loss that can be treated with hearing aids, it is worth the investment. Most people notice an improvement right away. Today’s hearing aids not only amplify sound but also can assist those with hearing loss in different frequencies.

How long will they last?

Typically, hearing aids last about five years if there is no change in your hearing loss. Of course, how long your units last also depends upon how well you take care of them. Daily cleaning helps, so does keeping the hearing aids free of moisture. Periodic deep cleaning by your audiologist also contributes to a longer life for your units.

Can I sleep with them or wear them in the shower?

It’s not recommended to sleep with your hearing aids. Moisture builds up during the day and allowing the units to air out at night helps keep them at peak performance. Also, by leaving the battery case open at night, you preserve your batteries. Because moisture and water are not good for your hearing aids, you should not wear them while showering or swimming. It’s also best to apply your makeup and hairspray before you insert your hearing aids to keep them safe and dry.

Can I buy hearing aids online?

Because hearing aids do more than just amplify sound, it’s better to see an audiologist to purchase hearing aids. Hearing aids are programmed to adjust for your specific hearing loss and online purchases cannot be custom-programmed. Your audiologist is able to adjust your hearing aids to help you hear sounds in frequencies where you have hearing loss. Online purchases and amplifiers bought over-the-counter do not give you the best value for your money. They may not meet your hearing needs and do not include the important follow-up visits audiologists provide.

How much do hearing aids cost?

The answer depends on the style of hearing aids you choose and the features available. Hearing aids can fit behind the ear or in the ear canal. Your audiologist will work with you to find the best style available that fits within your budget. Many audiologists offer financing plans, and you may qualify for discounts from your employer or your health insurance.

Hopefully these five questions and answers have given you a better idea about hearing aids. A visit to your audiologist for an exam and baseline hearing test will give you additional information to help determine if you need hearing aids.