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The Right Time to See a Pediatric ENT Physician

an ent doctor is checking his patients' neck for abnormalities

Managing the health of your children can often be overwhelming, particularly if they are not yet able to tell you what's wrong. While you try to figure it out, you may need the help of a pediatric ENT doctor to get you the answers that you need. A specialist pediatric ENT doctor can help your child with a range of conditions that specifically deal with the head, ears and neck.


A pediatric ENT doctor can play a vital role in the health of your child, so it makes sense that you would want to know exactly when you should see the right pediatric ENT doctor at the right time. 


Sometimes, the care from your pediatrician can interact with the care your pediatric ENT doctor gives you, and below, we've put together the guidelines you need to ensure that your child is seeing a pediatric ENT doctor at the right time.

Ear infection

It's one of the most common reasons that parents bring their children to see a pediatric ENT doctor. Ear infections are common in children and they recur for many over the years. Some parents go right to the pediatrician for ear infections, but a pediatric ENT doctor is the better choice.

If your child is handling more than four ear infections per year, their speech is delayed alongside these ear infections and there is persistent fluid in the ears – for longer than three months – they need some extra help. A pediatric ENT doctor will be able to identify the issues that are happening and treat them accordingly. If your child has had more than three courses of antibiotics over the year, they will need to have the help of a pediatric ENT doctor.

Throat infection

Tonsillitis is another common infection that children deal with when they're young. It's painful and uncomfortable and when there are too many recurrences over the year, the tonsils may need to come out. This is often paired with adenoid surgery and it can provide the relief that your child needs to feel comfortable.

Sore throats are often, related to the tonsils, and a pediatric ENT doctor is able to offer a solution for your child. It's especially important to see a pediatric ENT doctor if tonsil infections are affecting your child's quality of life.


Nosebleeds can occur for a variety of reasons, from sinus and allergy issues to physical trauma. Pediatricians will always be comfortable with the initial treatment but they may not be able to handle a child who has constant and continued nose bleeds. A pediatric ENT doctor is more than comfortable and can help to diagnose and treat the reason behind these repeated occurrences.


Children do snore at night, but often this is because their airway is occluded. If your children are dealing with disrupted sleep because they are snoring too much, then the best thing for you to do is take them to see the pediatric ENT doctor. They will be able to investigate why the blockage is occurring and fix the problem. They will be able to perform a day surgery to look at the upper airway of your child and treat the snoring medically or surgically, depending on what is necessary.