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When it comes to all issues with hearing, balance and the ears, the audiologist is the comprehensive source of information and treatment that you need. But when, exactly, should you make an appointment with them? Here, we’re going to look at when it’s time to see your audiologist. You’re concerned about hearing loss The most common concern an audiologist helps

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Audiologists are specialists who work predominantly with the ears. Though hearing loss is probably the most common issue they deal with each day, they are also highly trained to diagnose and treat other conditions too. If you have any problems with your ears, you should always see an audiologist for a checkup but here are 4 of the most common

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When you are visiting an audiologist for the first time, it’s natural that you’ll be a little nervous. After all, you’re going through an unknown medical procedure, and you’re not entirely sure what’s in store. You know you’re going to have a hearing test , but the results of that test – and what you can do about them –

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