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Seeking ENT Help for Sleep Disorders

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Sleep disorders are associated with bad health, and if left unchecked can lead to severe consequences. Every case is different, so finding out the cause of the disorder requires careful testing by professionals. Santa Cruz E.N.T. studies sleep disorders, finding risks and minimizing their effects.

Types of sleep disorders

Sleep disorders are high in numbers, so there are categories to go by that break down their specific details; sleep-related breathing disorders, insomnia, central disorders of hypersomnolence, circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders, parasomnias and sleep-related movement disorders. Sleep-related breathing disorders are an important category to recognize since it partly deals with sinus issues. Santa Cruz E.N.T. deals with sleeping and sinus conditions, and snoring is one of the big effects of an underlying condition with the ear, nose or throat. Snoring is both annoying and dangerous for the person suffering. Obstructed air movement during sleep leads to restlessness, low energy during the day and high irritability. For more information about sleep disorders, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, European Sleep Research Society and the Japanese Society of Sleep Research have all been proven worthy.

Getting treatment

Getting tested is an involving process that leads to a treatment to better the life of the individual. Patience is required when it comes to finding the correct treatment for sleep disorders. Without proper treatment, the patient will continue to have an uneven sleeping schedule. When sleep disorders grow, physical health conditions become a major concern. By getting tests done early, patients will have a much more manageable problem to deal with. Santa Cruz E.N.T. offers a variety of treatments to deal with sleep problems, with three notable ones for snoring; palatal stiffening, removal of the tonsils or adenoids and nasal surgery.

Where Santa Cruz E.N.T. fits in

Concerns with sleep disorders don’t always lead to a potential doctor’s visit. People that suffer with the disorder will often put off getting help for years, and at some point consider bad sleeping habits as the norm. This is not the case, and concerns with sleeping should always be looked into. Major conditions are associated with bad sleep like obesity, heart problems and more. There are multiple options for treatment that will cater to the user’s independent issue. Getting in contact with a professional will ensure that a long night of sleep is filled with actual restfulness.