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Planning for Your Hearing Aid Fitting

Hearing Aid Fitting Appointment

For many people, a hearing aid fitting can be a daunting prospect. Many people see it as a long appointment that will require a lot of trial and error or talking with their audiologist, but it’s nowhere near as bad as most people make it out to be. The truth is, with so many advances in modern technology it’s actually surprisingly quick to finish a hearing aid fitting. All it really takes is a bit of preparation, and in this post, we’ll be helping you plan your first hearing aid fitting.

Prepare to tell your audiologist about your lifestyle

One of the most important parts of any successful hearing aid fitting is letting your audiologist know about your lifestyle. You need to describe to them the things you do on a regular basis and the type of life you live because it’s important in helping you pick the right hearing aid.

Hearing aids come in many different shapes and sizes and they all offer different advantages. If you’re going to be wearing your hearing aids for long periods of time, then you’re going to want every feature and comfort that you can fit on your hearing aids in order to help you adjust to them.

Prepare a notebook of helpful tips

You’ll have an opportunity during the fitting to ask your audiologist questions. This is an important part of the fitting process because it allows you to recap on anything that you’re unclear about. For instance, if you need to remind yourself how to replace the batteries on the hearing aid, then you’ll want to write it down in your personal notebook so you can refer back to it in the future.

Luckily, most of this information will be written in manuals and documents given to you, but it’s never a bad idea to have a small notepad with you at all times filled with reminders and notes on how you can keep your hearing aids well-maintained.

Deciding on the type of hearing aid you need

Another important decision to make is picking the right hearing aids. As we mentioned before, it’s crucial that you tell your audiologist about your lifestyle so that they can help you pick the right hearing aid, but you also need to consider your own circumstances.

For example, something that everyone should think about is how visible they want their hearing aids to be. Some people much prefer their hearing aids to be discreet, while others aren’t too bothered about their appearance. Decide what your preferences are before you arrive at the audiologist’s office so the entire fitting process can be smoother and so you can get a better-suited hearing aid for your needs.