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Important Questions to Ask During Your Hearing Aid Fitting

an audiologist is performing a hearing aid fitting

If you’ve noticed that your hearing has declined, the next step is to see your audiologist for a hearing test. In some cases, this hearing test can throw up issues that you didn't even know that you had! When this happens, your audiologist will likely tell you to come back for a hearing aid fitting in another appointment. This appointment is going to deep dive into the best hearing aids for your hearing needs, but during this appointment you’re going to have questions you need answers to. 

Your audiologist will be able to answer many of your questions and take you through everything that you need to know. As well as this, they’ll expect you to ask them some questions along the way. If you want to be able to get through your hearing aid fitting in one piece, you should consider the important questions that you need to ask your audiologist. It’s always smart to have a list of things that you want to ask, and below, we’ve put together a list of the most important questions to ask during a hearing aid fitting.

How Do I Clean My Hearing Aids?

It’s one of the most important things that you can learn about hearing aid care as they need to remain clean for you to be able to use them to their full function. The hearing aids are going to be useless to you if they aren't cared for properly and they will deteriorate much faster if they’re left uncared for. Your audiologist will be able to teach you exactly how you can care for your hearing aids. Make sure that you take notes.

What Do I Do to Change the Battery?

Hearing aids don’t keep working for years and years without a change of battery every now and then! Your hearing aid should beep at you to tell you that the battery is low and needs a change and you’re sure to notice when it needs to be changed because it’s dead! Opening and closing the door can be difficult as hearing aids are so delicate, so go over this with your audiologist so that you can get it right!

Can I Change the Hearing Aid Programs?

Hearing aids today are sensitive, and they can sense the environment you’re in. Some hearing aids will switch programs immediately, but others need to be switched manually. Make sure that your audiologist talks you through how to do this so that you understand exactly how your hearing aids work.

Can I Change the Volume?

There are some hearing aids out there that don't come with a volume control. The hearing aids adjust according to the environment – similarly to how they do with the program you’re using. Other hearing aids have a manual volume capability, enabling you to change them as you need to.

Your hearing aid fitting is an appointment you cannot miss. It’s your chance to learn all that you can about your hearing aids so that you can treat your hearing loss and ensure that you get all your questions answered!