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How Audiologists Help with Hearing Aids

How Audiologists Help with Hearing Aids

Audiologists are highly trained medical professionals who often have doctorate level educations. They have to go through years of training and practice before they can start working in the field. By the time audiologists start treating patients, they are already experts in treating and diagnosing hearing and balance impairments.

This means when it comes to hearing aids audiologists can be extremely helpful. Here are some of the top ways an audiologist can help you when it comes to hearing aids.

1. Testing your hearing to see if you need hearing aids

Audiologists can administer a wide range of hearing tests. For example, audiologists can administer pure tone tests, otoacoustic emissions tests and audiometry tests. All these test can help you to figure out whether or not you actually have hearing loss. If you do have hearing loss, then there’s a good chance that hearing aids will be able to significantly help you. Audiologists can help you figure this out.

2. Fitting you for hearing aids

If it is determined that you do you need hearing aids, then you will have to be fitted for them. Without the expertise of an audiologist, this would be extremely difficult to do. When the audiologist is fitting you for hearing aids, they will consider your hearing loss levels, the size of your ear and the particular features that you want for your hearing aids. Here they will recommend a particular hearing aid type for you based on the results of your hearing test and your device wants.

3. Repair and maintenance

Once you get your hearing aids, your audiologist will give you instructions on how to use and maintain them. These can be extremely important. Hopefully, your hearing aids will work perfectly and will not break for many years. However, if something does go wrong with wrong with your hearing aids, then you can ask your audiologist for help. In many cases, your audiologist will be able to make the necessary repairs, or otherwise fix your hearing aids. This can be extremely helpful. However, if your hearing aids break badly enough, then you may have to send them out for professional repairs.

Your audiologist is your partner when it comes to your hearing health; so be sure to discuss any concerns, issues or questions with them during your appointment.