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How to Know Whether You Need Hearing Aid Repairs

a hearing aid being professionally repaired under a magnifying glass

When you get a hearing aid fitted, one of the biggest questions you can ask is how to deal with issues that may arise. When you get a hearing aid fitted for the first time, there are some important things you need to know about the maintenance and care, as well as some of the common issues you might face. 

Today we want to focus on the common issues that you can face with your hearing aid and how you can tell you need hearing aid repairs. Getting your hearing aid repaired properly is important, and here are some of the most important signs why. 

1. There Is No Sound 

If you suddenly feel no sound coming out of your hearing aid, this is a sign that it might need a repair. However, before you get your hearing aid repaired, check if the battery needs changing first. You can also check that the volume is turned up. After this time, you can start to look into getting repairs. Your audiologist will be able to find the cause of an issue and repair it properly, ensuring the longevity of your hearing aid. 

2. You Hear Static

If you notice some static within your hearing aid, this is a huge sign that you should go for a repair. Your hearing aid will often encounter issues through wear and tear, and if moisture has been building up after a warm summer, this can be a very common cause of static sounds. Instead of throwing away your hearing aid or trying to fix it yourself, take it to your audiologist and they will be able to repair it for you. Your audiologist will also be able to provide you with tips and ideas of how to best combat moisture issues in the future and ensure that your hearing aid lasts longer. 

3. Your Device is Damaged 

One of the bigger issues that can occur to your hearing aid is physical damage. For example, if you have dropped your hearing aid a few times, this can cause it to become damaged on the inside, which will highly impact the device's functionality. Whether it be chips, cracks, or scratches, it is important to go and get these repaired, which will allow you to keep your hearing aid used for much longer. 

4. Quality Is Bad

Sometimes the issue you have with your hearing aid is simply that over time the quality of the sound coming from your hearing aid is worse than it was before. This can be due to issues with your microphone, such as wax buildups or something more structural that needs to be repaired. If you have noticed that your noise levels just feel quieter than they were without changing the volume – it could be that you need to clean your hearing aids properly and ensure nothing is blocking them. However, for bigger issues, you should speak to a hearing professional and let them fix it for you.