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Hearing loss is a prevalent disease that affects people of all ages and makes it difficult to communicate verbally. Anatomically, the ear is split into three portions (external, middle, and inner), and disease in one or more of these regions can cause hearing loss. The three basic types of hearing loss can be used to simplify the differential diagnosis of

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Hearing loss can happen to anyone at any time and can be either severe or mild. If you experience hearing loss, you’ll want to seek expert help from an audiologist. This type of audiologist has advanced knowledge of the auditory system and can provide guidance for diagnosing and treating hearing loss .   If you haven't sought out an audiologist

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There are two types of hearing loss: conductive and sensorineural. Conductive hearing loss occurs when sound waves don't travel through the ear canal or an object blocks the soundwave's path in the ear. Sensorineural hearing loss happens when damage to the inner ear or nerve pathways between your ears and brain. Loud Noise Exposure Exposing your ears to loud noise

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