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Have you perceived any ringing or buzzing sounds that only you can hear? How often do you experience this? This is often described as tinnitus, which happens to be a symptom of an underlying condition and not an actual disease by itself.  Before making an appointment to see an audiologist, you should first prepare by planning your questions. In the

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Tinnitus is one of the most common health complaints in modern society, with between 10% and 20% of all Americans suffering from the condition to some level. If you believe that you are one of them, you must get the issue checked ASAP. Before seeing an audiologist, though, it’s important to educate yourself on the subject. Asking questions is the

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There are many problems that can affect your hearing over time in life. It’s essential that you try to do what you can to research your hearing issues and understand them as much as possible. When it comes to improving your hearing, you should do whatever it takes to make it better again, from meeting with audiologists to reading as many

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