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5 Issues a Pediatric ENT Doctor Can Treat

an ent doctor is checking his patients' neck for abnormalities

Children are constantly mixing with others and sharing germs, so it’s not a shock that they’re magnets for infections. The key for children who are dealing with health conditions is to know when to speak to a pediatric ENT doctor. 

Ear, nose and throat conditions in children are not uncommon; which means that you are likely to be seeing your physician very frequently in the cold seasons of the year. The good news is that a pediatric ENT doctor has seen it all, so they know how to handle any concerns. There are five common issues that children often see their pediatric ENT with, and these include:

Glue ear

Children have regular hearing tests as babies and in school, and this is because of conditions like glue ear. It’s where the middle ear fills with fluid instead of air, and it can lead to hearing loss. Glue ear usually clears up on its own after a cold, but if your children have been dealing with the symptoms for longer than three months, then it’s time for the pediatric ENT doctor to have a look. 


While adults can – and do – develop tonsillitis, children often have to deal with it more. So, it’s important to know when enough is enough and a pediatric ENT will know the time has come for surgery to remove the tonsils. Feeling tired is so common with tonsillitis, as is headache, coughing, swallowing issues and a high fever. Partner all of this with swollen tonsils and a sore throat and your child needs the help of a pediatric ENT. Sometimes, treatment to get rid of the issue is enough, but surgery is also a possibility. It is easier to recover from when they’re young.

Sleep apnea

When the throat is crowded by overly large tonsils, sleep apnea can occur. Children often have periods where they stop breathing at night and while it’s not always something to worry about, if it’s interrupting their sleep, that’s a problem. A lack of sleep can lead to problems concentrating at school and behavioral issues in the long term.

Tonsils and adenoids are the main cause of sleep apnea, and when it becomes a problem, these are removed by a pediatric ENT doctor.


A blocked and runny nose can often be caused by an inflamed nasal lining. This is known as rhinitis and can lead to difficulties in smell, a persistent cough and a drip. Sometimes, all of this is caused by an allergy, but the treatment very much depends on that and a pediatric ENT doctor will be able to help.

Ear infections

Ear infections are extremely common in children, and they’re one of the most common reasons that parents take their children to the pediatric ENT doctor in the first place. They’re usually caused by a specific type of bacteria in the inner ear. They often occur as a result of a cold, and while it is an easily treatable condition, it’s one that can reoccur time and again. 

With the help of a pediatric ENT doctor, you’ll be able to give your child the correct care that they need.