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4 Signs You Should See a Pediatric ENT Doctor

Pediatric ENT Appointment

Children are constantly at risk of developing many medical conditions that require immediate attention from a specialist. In the case of ENT problems, how does a parent know when something is severe enough to see a pediatric ENT doctor? The problem is that a lot of conditions have symptoms that are common in children anyway - like a sore throat or painful ear. So, when is the right time to take your child to the specialist?

To help you out, here are four signs you should see a pediatric ear, nose and throat doctor as soon as possible:


Children shouldn’t snore. Well, realistically no one should snore, but especially not children. If you notice your child snores in their sleep - and it’s a really loud snore too - then this is a telltale sign that you need to give your pediatric ENT doctor a call. Most likely, the problem is related to their nose as they’re probably not breathing through it, which leads them to breathe through their mouth and snore. It could be a simple issue like allergies causing congestion, or something more serious like sleep apnea. Book an appointment right away to get them seen ASAP.

Persistent nosebleeds

Most children end up with nosebleeds throughout their life. They’re mainly caused by physical trauma to the nose, which makes it bleed. However, kids can also pick their nose and cause nosebleeds, or even stick things up their nostrils. When nosebleeds occur sporadically, then it’s usually not worth worrying about. However, if your child has persistent nosebleeds multiple times per week, then this is a sign you should take them to their ear, nose and throat professional. They could have inflamed nasal passages or sinuses that cause the bleeding, or even something like nasal polyps or a deviated septum. Regardless, pick up the phone and make a call.

Hearing loss

Similarly to snoring, children definitely shouldn’t suffer from hearing loss. If your child complains that they can’t hear correctly out of one (or both) ears, then it’s a signal that something is wrong. Thankfully, it may not be severe and could be an issue of wax building up in their ear canal. But, you should still see a pediatric ENT doctor to diagnose the problem and get it sorted.

Problems swallowing

It’s never a good sign when a child has problems swallowing. Especially if they can’t even swallow liquids without being in pain or discomfort. There are loads of serious conditions this could signify, and it’s best to let the specialists take a look in their throat to find the problem. Hopefully, it’s nothing too serious, and some antibiotics will clear things up. Make sure you call your pediatric ear, nose and throat doctor as soon as your child complains of swallowing issues.

If any of these four signs become apparent in your children, then you should see a pediatric ENT professional right away. Getting in early can be the difference between solving a problem and your child ending up with a lifelong condition. Act fast, and keep an eye out for these signs.