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4 FAQs About ENT Doctors

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If you’re wondering if you should pop into your local ENT doctor for surgery because you have a concern but are hesitating because you don’t know what they’ll perform, this one's for you. Don’t be alarmed, the ENT doctor is one of the most skilled professions in the healthcare industry. Here are just some of the questions you might have for us.

What kind of ear infection treatments do you use?

Ear infections are some of the most seen concerns that patients come to an ENT doctor, will have. Whether you have a child that accidentally stuck something into their ear canal, or perhaps you’re an adult that doesn’t know why you have liquid excreting from your ear, we’re here to help.

Firstly, we’ll take a look inside the ear. This is done with a small LED light pen, and with some zoom-lens spectacles. We will then tell you exactly what the cause of your infection could be. If your case can be managed simply with over-the-counter medications, then we’ll recommend brands that would fit for you. However, we also remove foreign objects from your ear, and this can be done with or without local anesthetic, depending on the unique case.

What if you have a sinus infection?

Did you know that around 38 million Americans will have a sinus infection every year? This is because of things like the cold, flu and breathing in things like polluted air. Most common is the flu and possibly hay fever. We will give you over-the-counter options which usually solve the concern. However, your ENT doctor will treat you like an individual. If you need to get back to work and have a decent infection, we can write a prescription for you, for something a little stronger. 

Can you solve my snoring?

Yes, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a common condition which inhibits the normal breathing pattern of the individual. This happens periodically throughout your sleep and can sometimes result in your breathing stopping altogether. OSA can increase the risk of various respiratory concerns such as heart attack and stroke. We will study how you sleep, have you record your sleep and we’ll then identify the pattern of breathing and the cause of snoring. An ENT doctor will work with a dental specialist if need be, and give you oral appliances to stop your OSA, among other contemporary measures.

Can you spot the signs of hearing loss?

Yes, we can. We give our patients a series of hearing tests and we’ll determine what the cause of your hearing loss could be. Whether it's hereditary, due to age or due to injury, we’ll give you the best treatment solution for your body and lifestyle. We’ll give you a detailed explanation of what hearing aids could be best for your ear shape and hearing ability.

Please feel free to ask us any other questions you might have. We’re always interested to hear from you, and we welcome all your inquiries without exception.