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4 FAQs About Balloon Sinus Surgery

ent doctor discussing treatment with his patient

If you have chronic sinus problems, your ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist has probably recommended a balloon sinus surgery. You may not know the specifics of the procedure and your ENT will answer any questions you have about this procedure.

However, you may be surprised to find out how quick and non-invasive the procedure is. It involves inserting a small balloon catheter into your sinus area and expanding it with air to open the sinus up. A saline solution is then flushed through the area to clean it and reduce the chances of infection.

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about the balloon sinus surgery:

1. Is it a safe procedure?

It is the concern of many individuals that they have be cut while undergoing a balloon sinus surgery, which might put them at risk. However, this is not the case. The balloon sinus surgery does not involve any cutting or stitching whatsoever.

It is a very safe and non-invasive procedure. Moreover, numerous studies back the safety of the procedure up and there are plenty of positive reviews from patients who have already undergone the procedure.

2. How long does a balloon sinus surgery take?

The period that your balloon sinus surgery takes from beginning to completion is highly dependent on your ear, nose and throat doctor. Some experienced specialists may take less than an hour to complete the entire procedure. However, a more realistic timeframe would be from 60 to 75 minutes.

The procedure is therefore not lengthy at all, especially when compared to other sinus procedures.

3. Is it a permanent solution to my sinuses?

It is the concern of many patients, whether a surgical option can provide a permanent solution to their sinuses or not before they decide to go ahead with it. Many people are skeptical about taking the surgical risk can give them anxiety.

Fortunately, the balloon sinus surgery is considered a permanent option which can offer a long-term solution to your sinus problem. However, if your sinuses are extremely severe, your ENT specialist may recommend a series of treatments to provide a long-term solution. However, this isn't typical to most patients, and many of them have their sinus issue sorted after one procedure.

4. How long will it take before full recovery, and does it hurt?

While undergoing balloon sinus surgery, the patient is put under local/general anesthetic; therefore, there is no pain during the procedure. However, there is still the likelihood of having a bit of soreness or tenderness in your nasal area after the procedure.

Moreover, you may feel slight dizziness after the anesthesia wears off because the sinuses cover a large portion of your face. However, these are minor symptoms that wear off after some time.

In most cases, you should recover and resume your normal activities within two days.

A balloon sinus surgery might sound like a frightening procedure if you lack proper knowledge. However, the above frequently asked questions can help you gain more insight into the procedure. If you have recurring sinus issues, it would be a good idea to consider this procedure.