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3 Ways to Find an ENT Doctor

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Ear, nose and throat doctors (also known as ENT doctors or otolaryngologists) specialize in any medical issue that relates to the head and neck. There is a huge amount of different conditions that you might need to see an ENT doctor about.

ENT issues can be extremely complex because the ears, nose and throat are all connected – a problem in one area might actually have started elsewhere and for an unknown reason, for example. This is why it’s also a good idea to see a specialist if you have pain or need help with any condition relating to your head or neck. If you need an ENT doctor, how can you find one? Read on to find out.

Online search

The first thing that most people will think about and turn to when they need to find a good ENT doctor to help them will be the internet. It’s easy to sit at your laptop or use your phone to search out ‘ENT near me’ or a similar term and you’ll be given numerous results to choose from.

It is the sheer number of results that might be an issue here as you won’t be able to check out each potential ENT doctor and ensure they will do what you want them to and that their reputation is a good one. Start by narrowing your search down to your specific location; you won’t want to travel too far anyway. Once you have a shortlist of the best three or four ENT doctors closest to you, check out their reviews and look at their websites to narrow things down even more.


When you go to your doctor because you are in pain or you feel you have some kind of head or neck issue, that general physician may not be able to help you themselves, but they will know exactly who to refer you to. Your doctor’s office might even have a specialist ENT department located within the building, but if not, then you will certainly easily be referred to someone who can help you with whatever issue it is that you’re having problems with.

Getting a referral is a good way to go about finding a qualified, experienced ENT doctor. You don’t have to do any searching at all, as you can be sure that anyone your general physician is referring you to is going to be qualified and experienced.

Friends and Family

Your friends and family can play a critical role in helping you find the right ENT doctor for your needs. Many individuals see these professionals for hearing loss, allergy and sinus issues, making it likely that you already know someone who has been to one.

If you find a family member that has a recommendation, ask them to describe their appointment and the doctor's bedside manner. Not only will this help you better understand what to expect during the visit, but it will also help you feel more at ease during your first trip.