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3 Hearing Aid Care Tips

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Hearing aids are incredibly powerful, but delicate, pieces of technology. This means they require extra care, maintenance and handling to ensure they keep operating in optimal shape.

When you first get your hearing aids, your audiologist will work with you on the ins and outs of your devices – this includes not only how to operate them – but the proper ways to care for, maintain and store them.

When handling your devices, consider the following three tips to help keep them operating like the day you first got them.

Avoid moisture

Moisture is one of the most problematic things to hearing aids, so it’s crucial to keep your devices away from water exposure. This means remembering to take them out before getting into the shower – and storing them away from the humidity of your hot water. Or, when going for a dip in the pool, make sure you place them in a waterproof storage case and keep them as far away from the water as possible. In the event your hearing aids come into contact with water, make sure to dry them out as much as possible and schedule an appointment with your audiologist.

Proper storage

When your hearing aids are not in use make sure to store them in the proper case and in a safe place. Leaving your hearing aids on the night stand and out in the open makes them more susceptible to damage, including being knocked off accidentally or becoming the play toy of your furry companion. When done with your hearing aids for the day, open the battery compartments and then place them in the storage case to air out over night.

Cleaning and maintenance

While your hearing aids don’t need an overabundance of cleaning, it’s important to follow a daily cleaning routine to keep them operating in their best shape. When you take your devices out for the day, place them on a towel and wipe them off with a dry cloth. Inspect the hearing aids for any earwax, debris or cracks. If anything looks broken or needs professional cleaning, schedule an appointment with your audiologist to have your devices evaluated.

Properly caring for your hearing aids doesn’t take a lot of work, but a little goes a long way. Talk more with your audiologist about the right ways to care and maintain for your device and any additional steps you can follow to ensure your hearing aids remain in optimal shape.