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3 FAQs About ITC Hearing Aids

an audiologist showing her patient new in-the-canal hearing aids

If you’ve thought about hearing loss before, then you might have quite a few questions about it. Since it’s so common, you wouldn’t need to have first-hand experience with it to have it on your mind. Instead, you might be planning ahead to minimize any effects it may have on you.

Speaking with a hearing health professional about preventative measures can be a recommended thing to do. If you start experiencing hearing loss, then you’ll be in a good position to start addressing it. Hearing aids will be a part of this.

One of the more notable of these types of devices is in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aids. You might have heard about these before. If not, then you might have some questions about them. Getting these answered could help you decide if you need them if you experience permanent hearing loss.

Are They Right for Me?

Determining whether ITC hearing aids are right for you will be decided by you and a hearing health professional. Your situation will be different to everybody else’s. What works for one person might not work for another. That’s why exams and further testing may be needed.

Outside of your type of hearing loss, several factors will determine whether they’re the right choice for you. How discreet you want them to be, alongside the amount of sound amplification, among other things, can all be large components of your decision.

Are ITC Hearing Aids Easy to Clean?

One of the significant drawbacks of many types of hearing aids is that they can be challenging to clean. Unfortunately, that seems to be the case with ITC hearing aids, which could be a negative aspect to it. After all, you’ll need to remove it from your ear to begin cleaning it and then put it back in.

Outside of this, however, it should be relatively simple.

Are They Suitable for Severe Hearing Loss?

There are different types of hearing loss, with different aids being recommended depending on what's wrong. That means that a hearing health professional will need to diagnose your hearing loss before you can get a hearing aid.

For severe hearing loss, ITC hearing aids can be a recommended option. Since these are placed within the ear, they will be quite close to the eardrum. With the little space that the sound will have to travel, coupled with the device's amplification, you shouldn't have much of a problem hearing.

Your hearing mightn't be as full as it once was, but you'll notice a drastic improvement in your hearing.

A hearing health professional can answer any questions that you might have about ITC hearing aids, alongside their alternatives. They can also walk you through your hearing loss and what might be causing it. Getting this diagnosis can have multiple long-term implications.

Most of this revolves around preventing further loss of hearing and maximizing the hearing you currently have. Gaining as much knowledge as possible about the area and how you can manage through it will be a large part of this.